Seven million tourists stayed in Brussels last year

Brussels hotels provided accommodation for seven million tourists in 2017, according to Patrick Bontinck, the President of VisitBrussels.
He was quoted by La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure on Saturday.

“We had almost seven million people staying in our hotels, which means they were 70% occupied. That’s an 8 point increase compared to 2016”, says Mr Bontinck. “In other words, we are now seeing similar figures to before the attacks. If we look at the last three months, we can clearly hope to see growth again from this year”, says Mr Bontinck. He says the main objective is to achieve 5% to 10% growth every year.

The best week by far for Brussels hotels was the one of the Catalan demonstration (beginning of December). Brussels hotels beat their record with 99% occupation on the 6th of December and an average of 95% occupation that week.

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