Plum, the smart money app, is now available in Belgium

Plum, the so-called smart money app with 1.3 million users worldwide, is now also active in Belgium. The app is connected to nine major Belgian banks. New banks will be added in the coming weeks.

Belgians can now link their accounts to those nine banks with which Plum has an agreement in our country. These are banks that, according to Plum, serve more than 80 percent of Belgian banking customers, including BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, and Hello Bank. Once the account is linked, Plum’s artificial intelligence analyzes the customer’s transactions and the application automatically starts to set aside small amounts, adjusted to their expenses and what they can afford.

Customers can visualize their bank accounts in the Plum app so they can have a complete picture of their finances in one place. The app is free, but Belgian customers also have access to the Plum Pro account, which offers additional (savings) functions for 2 euros per month.

The launch in Belgium is the next step in Plum’s European expansion, following its presence in the UK, France, Spain and Ireland. According to the company, Plum has already helped set aside more than 1.3 billion euros across Europe. ‘We are excited to bring Plum to Belgium and help people manage their finances here, ” said Victor Trokoudes, co-founder and managing director of the company, which has offices in London, Athens and Nicosia. “This is a very challenging period as people are experiencing inflation that hasn’t happened in decades. The need for long-term financial resilience has probably never been greater. We created Plum to help people tackle this problem, ” he says.

The launch in Belgium is an important milestone in their expansion. ‘It shows that we are truly a European company. With the intelligence of our app, we want to be able to offer a smart alternative to traditional tools and help people make their money profitable in multiple ways, ” he says.

But it is not just about saving. In the coming weeks, Plum will also launch an investment function, which will help Belgians to make their money profitable in the long term. The feature will allow people to invest in more than five hundred US stocks.’

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