The number of hotel rooms in the coastal region exceeds 6,000

The hotel sector of the Belgian coast is doing better: for the first time in almost 10 years, it has once again surpassed 6,000 hotel rooms, said the VRT on Wednesday.

The number of rooms decreased since 2002 and reached its lowest level in 2012 (less than 5,500). Many smaller hotels, sometimes dated, were bought out by developers who converted them into apartments.

Since then, the situation has improved, explains Francis Bosschem of the non-profit organisation, Kusthotels. “Hotels are being renovated and expanded, and many new ones are being built, both for family establishments and for major brands such as Accor.”

Businessman Xavier Vercaemst, who manages several hotels in the coastal region, believes that the area benefits from the fact that the coastline has become a city trip destination. “It used to be that people would go on vacation to the seaside once a year for about two weeks at a time. Currently, they go four to six times a year for a few nights each time and the hotel sector is taking advantage of it.”

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