“Flowers for police and soldiers”

A group of people from Brussels handed over 700 flowers to police officers and soldiers across the capital today as a sign of appreciation for the work they are doing. Those handing out the flowers also wanted to give those that work to ensure our safety support in the wake of Tuesday’s attack in Liège in which two police officers were killed.

The idea to hand out flowers to police and soldiers came from Nicolas Roisin. Mr Roisin is a former board member of the Francophone commercial broadcaster RTL.

Mr Roisin explains that “We wanted to thank them for their hard work”. He added that “some of them had tears in their eyes” when they received a flower.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Roisin added that “We wanted to do something. Something more than express our outrage on social media. So we decided to hand out flowers to police officers and to stand in front of them and applaud”.

Mr Roisin told VRT News that “We were given a very warm welcome. One policewoman even cried. Most of them couldn’t believe a group of citizens would decide to hand out flowers to them”.

Mr Roisin lives in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek and it was with a dozen other residents of the Brussels municipality that he handed out the flowers.

“We often hear that there are issues in Molenbeek concerning a lack of respect for the police. We wanted to show that the opposite is the case”.

Mr Roisin and his group deliberately didn’t tell the media of their plans before they handed out the flowers as “We didn’t want it to become a media stunt”.

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