Number of child pornography websites has increased by 40%

The number of websites interested in child pornography has increased by nearly 40% within a year, according to a report from Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a British research institute.
“During the past year, we have spotted and deleted more than 80,000 web pages and messages including child pornographic pictures or videos. This is the highest figure since our creation,” explains Susie Hargreaves, IWF CEO. “But the number of alerts is also higher than ever.”

The report observes an increase of child pornographic pictures on websites hosted in Europe. This trend had already begun in 2016, but it was reinforced in 2017. Some 36% of the pictures come from the Netherlands, 18% from the United States, 15% from Canada and 8% from Russia.

Internet Watch Foundation also records an increase of child pornographic pictures and videos on the dark net, which allows avoiding being traced.

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