Brussels Airlines take-over by Lufthansa


Brussels Airlines will not disappear, says the President of the Belgian Company’s Administration Council, Etienne Davignon.
He appeared on the television program “A votre avis” (RTBF) on Sunday.

“Employment is a central issue. We can keep employment up”, he insisted. “I am not naïve, I know where we are with the negotiations, and Brussels Airlines is not in danger”, he said.

Mr Davignon says there will be no “Sabena bis”. The take-over by Lufthansa will not mean the end for Brussels Airlines, which is still making money.

A Lufthansa surveillance council gave the go-ahead to a complete take-over of Brussels Airlines on Wednesday. The aim is to reach an agreement with shareholders on how it would happen before the end of the year. This would mean Lufthansa would acquire the 55% of shares it doesn’t yet own at the start of 2017.

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