Carrefour lowers prices, eliminating overreaction on inflation

French supermarket giant Carrefour has announced that there will be price reductions on 100 of its products, starting from today.

Customers will be able to take advantage of these lower fixed prices both in-store and online. The supermarket also promises to expand its number of reductions and offers.

Whilst 100 goods will be available at a lower price for customers at its hypermarket locations, just 25 cut-price items will be stocked in its Carrefour Express locations.

The reductions mostly concern everyday essentials such as toilet paper, food goods and other consumables. For example, Barilla spaghetti has been reduced by 15% and own-brand toilet paper by 10%.

“These are products that we buy a lot,” noted spokesperson Aurélie Gerth in a press release. “Other price cuts are already planned in the coming weeks.”

One of the biggest strains on Belgian pockets at the moment is inflation on food prices. In April, they increased by over 16% compared to the previous year, according to statistics from Statbel.

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