Belgian Red Cross removes A, B and O in blood donation campaign

Belgian Red Cross

The letters A, B and O make up blood groups… Recently, the letters A, B and O have disappeared in company logos and the information signs in the Brussels metro. This is the result of the campaign “Missing type” launched by the Red Cross. The campaign aims at encouraging people to donate blood in the three groups.

“We need a lot of new A, B and O blood donations,” said An Luyten of the Flemish Red Cross.

“Missing type” is an international campaign which was officially launched on August 15 in 21 countries by national blood service organizations. Every second in the world, three people receive a blood transfusion.

“All blood types are important,” recalls the Red Cross. In 2015, 101 607 people donated blood to the francophone Belgian Red Cross. There is a need to find some 20 000 new donors each year.

100 companies and organizations are involved in the campaign and have removed the letters A, B and O from their names. The Red Cross used the Internet to support the action by asking people to delete the letters from Facebook and Twitter posts, and by donating themselves blood.

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