Brexit could be delayed because of French and German elections

Brexit negotiations

Senior sources have warned Prime Minister Theresa May may postpone her activation of Article 50, which will spark two years of formal negotiations before Britain officially withdraws form the 28-country bloc, until the end of next year.

The PM was expected to kick-start the process in just five months. Her postponement is set to infuriate Leave voters who expected a prompt start to proceedings.

A City of London source said next year’s parliamentary elections in Germany and France, set to take place next September and May respectively, is expected to delay Mrs May’s decision.

By that delay French an German politicians plan to evade the problems caused by Brexit. A member of the Prime Minister’s cabinet also conceded the German election, in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel will attempt to regain her CDU / CSU party’s 41.5 per cent vote share, posed “some challenges”, Express suggested.

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