Brussels shopping streets ablaze for 7 weeks

On Wednesday evening, the Brussels Alderwoman for Economic Affairs, Marion Lemesre, unveiled the fifth illuminated shopping trail.

More than 11.5 km of roads will now be illuminated until January 7th in Brussels.

In total, 92 thoroughfares are illuminated in the Pentagon (the historical centre of Brussels), including Laeken, Haren and Neder-over-Heembeek amongst other areas.

Around thirty roads are being lit up for the first time. These are, in particular, in the Îlot Sacré which this year has 24 giant lampshades and 9 peacock roses and Rue Haute, where 22 lanterns are hung. The “Maze”, an illuminated maze of 100 metres squared, has also been installed in Place de la Chapelle. Entry to it is free.

The sky of the Rogier-Fontainas trunk road is filled with 315 stars across 2.2 km. Some change colour at random. Rue Dansaert, which is perpendicular, is moreover decorated with 70 hot air balloons transporting stars.

Marion Lemesre explained, “The lights in shopping thoroughfares increase the commercial attractiveness and bring the various districts together.”

She went on, “There are many stars this year which is highly symbolic. Directly from the north to the south of the city, there is a 2.2 km route beneath star-studded skies. This provides reassurance and brings a sense of camaraderie to our streets.”

Moreover, Rue de Flandre is lit by some 25 jellyfish. The 20 trees on the Rue Léon Lepage even house 70 metallic birds. The various illuminations have been proposed by light designers from all over Europe. The LED lighting enables a total consumption of 60 kW, or the equivalent of 40 vacuum cleaners, so is highly efficient.

The author: Margareta STROOT

Margareta Stroot, a multi-talented individual, calls Brussels her home. With a unique blend of careers, she balances her time as a part-time journalist and a part-time real estate agent. Margareta's deep-rooted knowledge of the city of Brussels, where she resides, has proven invaluable in both of her roles. Her journalism captures the essence of the city, while her real estate expertise helps others find their perfect homes in the vibrant Belgian capital.

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