Leading chain stores offer ‘strategic’ discounts

Leading supermarket chains in Belgium, namely Delhaize and Carrefour, have unveiled their strategies to provide discounts on a wide array of products.

Through advertisements featured in major Belgian newspapers, Delhaize has publicized its upcoming discounts on numerous private-label items, beginning at the end of the current week.

According to Roel Dekelver, spokesperson for Delhaize, approximately 1,000 private-label Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) will experience price reductions.

In an effort to offer economical options for essential products, Delhaize’s budget-friendly brand, Les Petits Lions, will witness price cuts ranging from 10% to 30% on nearly 500 SKUs.

Carrefour Belgium is also in on the trend, having slashed prices across various items available in its Express, Market, and hypermarket stores, as well as on its online platform, Carrefour.be.

Promotions are scheduled to run until September 10, encompassing school supplies, groceries, and non-food purchases. Shoppers can expect numerous fruits and vegetables to be available for under €1, and they can also accrue additional loyalty points through their purchases.

Moreover, Carrefour is introducing an enticing offer: if customers find a back-to-school item at a lower price elsewhere, the retailer will reimburse them with five times the price difference in the form of Bonus points.

Furthermore, Carrefour has embarked on an array of promotions for its private-label products within its supermarkets and hypermarkets.

These strategic moves by Delhaize and Carrefour follow similar measures taken in recent weeks by discount giants Aldi and Lidl, who are also emphasizing affordability to address the challenge of high inflation.

In another development, Lidl in Belgium is in the process of simplifying its store layout, aiming for uniformity across all 310 stores in the country.

Isabelle Colbrandt, spokesperson for Lidl Belgium, conveyed that the intention is to establish immediate recognition of a consistent store layout when customers step inside.

“Whether in Lommel or Antwerp, you will encounter the bakery, fruit, and vegetable department first when you enter the store,” Colbrandt explained.

This initiative also seeks to enhance efficiency among employees, aligning with a similar approach undertaken by Lidl in Germany where a more straightforward store interior, aligned with the hard discount model, was implemented.

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