47,137 CCTV cameras are filming in Belgium

The number of CCTV cameras filming in Belgium has increased by five since 2010, according to figures provided by the Privacy Commission.

They were published by the Het Laatste Nieuws on Saturday.

Since 2010, every person that owns a camera has had to inform the Commission.

It was told about 10,084 cameras in 2010. That has now increased to 47,137. The Commission divides the cameras into three categories: cameras placed in public areas (882), those in enclosed spaces like warehouses, sports centres and public transport (39,198), and those at work environments (7,117).

“We keep count of the number of cameras installed”, explains Peter Van den Eynde, who works for the Privacy Commission. “The number of cameras has increased dramatically”.

“It seems we are less and less and worried about the fact we are constantly being filmed”, said Patrick Van Eecke, a Professor in Digital Law. “We feel safer, but we don’t realise what data is being collected”.

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