Taxi from Brussels airport – one of the most expensive in Europe

Depending on the (time of the) day and the traffic a taxi from the centre of Brussels to the airport at Zaventem costs between 3 and 5 euro/km. This makes taxi travel between the centre of capital and the airport that serves it, the 6th most expensive of all the city surveyed by the Dutch travel site and

Airport Taxi Report Summer 2018 visited the 50 busiest European airports (including Turkey) and took a taxi into the centre of the cities they serve. The most expensive taxi journey (5.67 euro/km) was from Genève Airport to the centre of the Swiss city.

Another Swiss city Zürich came in second with a taxi ride from the airport to the city centre coming to 5 euro/kilometre. Copenhagen, Nice and Düsseldorf complete the top five most expensive taxi rides.

The five airports from which taxi travel into town is the cheapest are all-in Turkey.

An average taxi journey from a European airport into the centre of the city it serves costs 40 euro. However, in the case of airports such as Heathrow that is around 30 kilometres from the centre of London, a journey from the airport into town will set you back more than 100 euro. An average taxi journey from Zaventem to the centre of Brussels costs 45 euro for a distance of 15km.

For those wanting to travel into Brussels more cheaply both the Brussels (MIVB) and the Flemish (De Lijn) public transport companies operate bus services from the capital to the airport. The airport’s railway station also has regular services to Brussels and numerous other towns and cities across Belgium.

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