Colruyt employees save up to 90 minutes a day with shelf provisioning

Colruyt employees put the new Product Finder technology into operation this week. All 16,000 shop assistants of the Colruyt Group received a smartphone some time ago that supports them in their daily work. This week, a test started with a very special new application on this smartphone: when store employees scan an item with a barcode scanner connected to their device, the light of the electronic price tag flashes on the shelf and they know where the item belongs. Stocking the shelves takes up to 90 minutes less daily.

The new technology was developed by the Innovation team of Colruyt Group Smart Technics and was successfully tested in the Colruyt stores in Poperinge and Heverlee. Subsequently, the technology was also introduced in the shop in Halle. The further rollout is planned for 2023.

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