Rate of unemployment declines in Brussels

Rate of unemployment

The rate of unemployment in Brussels at the end of September was 17.9%, compared to 18.8% a year earlier.

The Brussels employment office, Actiris, stated this on Monday. This was the 23rd successive diminution.

In the Brussels region, 98,293 unemployed jobseekers were recorded at the end of last month, or a decrease of 5,078 people compared to last year (-5.3%).

During September, 14,886 people became unemployed, compared to the figure of 14,118 going back into work, or a monthly basis increase of 768 unemployed jobseekers (+0.8%).

Moreover, Actiris has 11,513 jobseekers registered under 25 and 36.992 jobseekers who have been on their records for less than a year.

The number of young unemployed is certainly decreasing (11,513 in September 2016, compared to 14,253 a year ago).

The rate of unemployment in this age category has nevertheless declined to 28.3% (28.9% in September 2015).

During the month of September 2016, Actiris received a total of 16,913 situations vacant. The number of situations vacant within the Brussels region came to 4,802.

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