Brussels riots: up to 36 months in prison requested for the three young suspects

The Prosecutor’s Office has asked the Brussels Correctional Tribunal to sentence three young suspects to between 2 years and 36 months in prison.
They have been charged with taking part in the riots in the centre of Brussels on the 11th of November.

Based on CCTV footage, the Prosecutor’s Office thinks the three Defendants are guilty of throwing projectiles at law enforcement officers.

The three young men have denied the charges of rebellion and vandalism.

One of them is also charged with stealing from cars a few days after the riots. The Prosecutor’s Office says this Defendant threw stones, a bin and an iron bar at police officers. He used the iron bar to destroy a sign, traffic lights, a police camera and a shop window. That shop was then looted by other rioters.

The Prosecutor has requested he be sentenced to 36 months in prison. It has also requested that a second Defendant who threw stones and destroyed traffic lights receive 28 months in prison. He wants a third Defendant, who also threw stones, to go to prison for two years.

Riots broke out in the centre of Brussels on the 11th of November. Crowds gathered after Morocco qualified for the next Football World Cup and the situation degenerated.

Around 300 people were involved and 23 people were injured, 22 of them police officers. Cars were torched and shops were looted.

The three Defendants will be sentenced on the 2nd of February.

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