Some 650 files opened on Airbnb rentals in Brussels

Since November 2016, 648 files have been opened in Brussels on Airbnb rentals, according to figures released by Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort and quoted on Thursday by Sudpresse.
Most of these files – 594 – concern tourism accommodation that is not registered, and therefore in infraction.

Since the start in November 2016 of verifications under an ordinance governing the rental by private individuals of accommodation to tourists in the capital, economic inspection agents have conducted 640 checks in Brussels Region. These have led to 266 warnings, following which “hosts” are given time to regularize their situation.

A total of 109 citations for infractions have also been issued and 38 administrative fines imposed.

The action by the Economic Inspection service has led many hosts to withdraw their listings on Airbnb, while 153 others have submitted registration applications so as to comply with the new regulations.

However, these figures are low compared to the number of listings on the Airbnb platform in the Brussels Region, which ranges between 6,500 and 7,000, most of them unregistered.

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