Otovo sells solar panels with a subscription formula

Otovo, the European market leader for solar panels and batteries, is opening its doors to the Belgian market. Otovo makes access to solar panels and batteries simple and affordable. In two clicks, customers are linked to a reliable installer. And with the subscription formula, customers don’t have to make big investments to opt for solar panels.

Cedric sever, known as a former manager of Coolblue, will lead the work on the Belgian market in the right direction as general manager:

“…at the moment, Belgium is the most expensive country for energy in Europe. With Otovo you can easily, quickly and affordably switch to renewable energy. Thus, one can protect oneself from rising energy prices or energy shocks.”

Otovo: simple, economical, reliable installation

Otovo, the listed European market leader for solar panels and batteries, is targeting the Belgian market. Otovo simplifies the installation of solar panels and batteries by applying the innovations and insights of the platform economy to the energy sector. Otovo works through a marketplace in which it organizes a network of hundreds of local, high-quality energy installers who have been thoroughly vetted. Otovo has already proven itself in 13 other markets, including Norway, where Otovo was founded. Otovo was founded in 2016 by Andreas Thorsheim with the mission to install solar panels on all European roofs.

” When solar panels became high-quality and affordable in the 1900s, the industry’s biggest challenge was getting solar panels on roofs, ” said Andreas Thorsheim, CEO of Otovo. “With my experience in platform economics, I then fully immersed myself in this issue. With success. Otovo has already installed more than 15,000 solar projects to date.”

Through the website, customers can request a quote in just two clicks. Within seconds, the platform connects them to the right material, available and reliable installers and provides a design for your ‘solar package’.

“Families are already busy enough without an extra project where they have to map all the installers in the area, find out for themselves what quality and reliable brands are for solar panels and look for an installer that is available.That’s why Otovo is doing this project for them,” says Andreas Thorsheim.

End of long waiting lists

”At the moment, Belgium is the most expensive country for energy in Europe, ” says Cedric sever, General Manager Belgium at Otovo. “Generating your own energy yourself is the best way to escape the energy shocks. Many consumers are therefore taking action to get solar panels on their roofs. With long waiting lists for solar energy as a result.”

With its launch on the Belgian market, Otovo also wants to offer an answer to this. Otovo takes project management and customer contact off the hands of installers. The installers save time and money on customer acquisition, project management and marketing costs and can finish more installations. Otovo wants to mark the end of the long waiting list in Belgium.

Solar panels without major investment

For the Belgian consumer, solar panels often still equate to large investments. To avoid this and to make solar panels in Belgium as accessible as possible, Otovo offers a subscription to solar panels. Within a subscription Otovo installs, maintains and monitors the solar panels on your roof. In addition, Otovo calls an installer in the event of a defect or possible optimization, without any additional cost or burden for the owner.

Cedric sever, General Manager Belgium at Otovo: “that subscription model gives the Belgian consumer the requested security about their energy bill. Families know the subscription cost for the next twenty years. Thanks to Otovo, we can keep their energy bill low and predictable for the next twenty years, independent of rising energy prices or energy shocks.”

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