AB InBev will turn residual alcohol from its 0% beers into biofuel

AB InBev will convert part of the residual alcohol from its non-alcoholic beers into biofuel, the brewery announced on Sunday.

It wants to continue efforts to make itself more viable.

“Up until now, the alcohol that is extracted from the 0% beers after fermentation was considered residual waste”, AB InBev said in a press release. As three tanker-trucks containing a total of 75,000 of residual alcohol leave the brewery’s Louvain site every week, AB InBev wants to find “a more ecological and ambitious use for it”.

AB InBev has signed an agreement with Alcogroup, a Belgian biological fuel manufacturer, which will buy residual alcohol from the brewery every week. “We have a co-project with Alcogroup, which will transform a million litres of residual alcohol into biofuel between now and June”, the brewery says. 100 litres of residual alcohol will produce 18 litres of biofuel.

Biofuel is not the only possible outlet, as AB InBev also makes high quality vinegar from residual alcohol in Australia.

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