Belgian group will attempt to transport fruit using waterways

The group A. De Witte, the country’s largest negotiator in the purchase of fruit in Belgium, will transport pineapples from the Port of Antwerp to Brussels using the waterways.

This was indicated by the company on Friday. This is a first for the sector. De Witte is hoping to avoid bottlenecks around Antwerp and Brussels. The CEO, Jurgen De Witte, says, “The hours spent by our drivers in queues reduce our profitability.”

On August 8th, the first container of pineapples coming from Costa Rica will thus be transported from the Port of Antwerp to the centre of Brussels. The group hopes to repeat the experience. With a turnover of €250 million, A. De Witte is the leading importer of fruit and vegetables in Belgium. It employs a total of 615 workers.

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