New British passports no longer say “European Union”

British passports that no longer say “European Union” began to be distributed on the 30th of March.

This change was announced by the Home Affairs Minister on Saturday. The new passports have been handed out despite the fact that the final details of Brexit have not yet been set in stone. The initial date set was the 29th of March.

The minister was questioned by a British citizen over Twitter on Friday. The citizen concerned said they were “really appalled” at their new passport cover.

“We are still in the EU. Why doesn’t my new passport reflect that?” asked Susan Hindle Barone.

“Bordeaux-coloured passports that don’t say European Union were distributed on the 30th of March”, a Home Affairs minister’s spokesperson said in a press release.

“Passports that still say European Union will continue to be handed out during a short period after this date so we can shift the remaining stock”, the spokesperson continued. The spokesman added “that both models are as valid as each other when it comes to travelling”.

The United Kingdom was initially supposed to leave the European Union on the 29th or March, exactly two years after activating article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. Article 50 is the one that takes a member state out the Union.

Theresa May’s government requested a delay back in March, to avoid the potential chaos of a no-deal Brexit. A no-deal would end the UK’s 46-year EU membership in a single day, with no transition period.

A new date was fixed, the 12th of April. Theresa May requested a new delay (until the 30th of June) on Friday, to try and end the Brexit dead-lock and reach an agreement that can be accepted by the British Parliament.

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