Chaos in Brussels airport strike

Chaos in Brussels airport strike

Thousands of passengers have been left stranded amid chaotic scenes at Brussels airport after a second day of industrial action by baggage handlers.

Most flights out of the airport have been cancelled, delayed or diverted as a result of the strike over pay and working conditions.

Passengers have been searching for bags amidst a heap of up to 20,000 pieces of luggage in the arrivals terminal.

Unions and management have so far failed to reach an agreement.

The Aviapartner and Flightcare staff began a surprise initial 24-hour walkout on Sunday evening which stretched past its deadline.

Negotiations with the airport management on Tuesday afternoon found no deal.

“Unions have rejected management’s proposal so the strike will continue,” Brussels airport spokesman Jan Van der Cruysse told the Reuters news agency.

He said a very limited number of flights, mainly long-distance, were taking off and those with severe delays.

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