Flemish public transport riot week

This is the probability of a violation of the services provided by the Flemish public transport company De Lijn next week. The socialist and liberal trade unions have called meetings to inform their members about the collective labour agreement that has been agreed to by the De Lijn’s management and the Christian trade union ACV. The meetings will be held during working hours and on different days in each of the 5 Flemish provinces.

A few weeks ago the Christian trades union and management reached agreement on the reorganisation of the Flemish public transport company. The other unions were not at the talks. Nevertheless, an agreement with the Christian trade union was enough to ensure that the collective labour agreement went through. Now the liberal and socialist trade unions intend to inform their members at meetings to be held on different days according to the province in which they work.

Monday: Flemish Brabant

Tuesday: Antwerp Province

Wednesday: Limburg Province

Thursday: West Flanders

Friday: East Flanders

There could be disruption in both the morning and the afternoon. Drivers that are members of the Christian trade union and those that work for sub-contractors will carry on working as normal while the other drivers attend the strike.

De Lijn regrets the disruption during the exam period
De Lijn says that it regrets that the two unions are doing this during the exam period. Moreover, this kind of action makes it difficult to inform passengers accurately about which services are running and which are not.

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