Turkish authorities asked mosques to spy in Belgium

Several mosques in Belgium have received requests from Turkish authorities to spy and inform on Belgians of Turkish origin suspected of being active in the Gülen movement, stated the Knack weekly on Tuesday.

Last September 20th, Belgian religious organizations associated with the Turkish department of religious affairs (Diyanet) received a letter from Ankara, according to Knack. They were asked to provide detailed information on “the teaching institutions, NGOs, charity organizations, and cultural entities” linked to the Gülen movement, an organization which bears the name of the preacher exiled in the United States and accused by the Turkish government of being behind the failed coup of last July 15th.

The 65 mosques associated with Diyanet received the watchword, stated Knack.

Last week, the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet reported that Diyanet had appealed to spying on persons suspected of being members of the Gülen movement. Thirty-eight countries, including Belgium, are involved.

Diyanet of Belgium reacted through a press communiqué published last December 9th on its internet site, where mention is made of “rumours in the social networks,” questioning the organization and denying the request made for providing information on individuals active within the Gülen movement.

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