Near on 200,000 plastic surgery operations in Belgium last year

Last year, around 200,000 cosmetic procedures were completed in Belgium or an average of 770 per working day.

The Mediahuis publications are reporting this on Thursday. For the first time, the annual report of the International Society for Cosmetic Surgery (known as “ISAPS”) now contains Belgian data.

In 2016, precisely 195,665 procedures were undertaken in Belgium. In comparison with the number of inhabitants, Belgium falls within the top three 24 member countries in the society.

However, one in eight patients live abroad. Eyelid surgery is the most popular operation. Some 18,000 took place in Belgium. However, psychologists warn against not operating for operating’s sake. Health Psychologist Elke Van Hoof says, “There is a major risk that the operation is not sufficiently thought through.”

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