Belgian CEOs earn on average 13 times more than their lowest paid workers

It emerges from a survey produced by HR specialist, Hudson, that a CEO earns an average of around 16 times more than the lowest paid workers in any given company.

The latter concerns businesses with more than 1,000 workers. The median annual earnings of the least well paid workers amounts to 31,888 euros. Adding in bonuses, we get to median earnings of 33,736 euros. Moreover, including other variable remuneration, we reach 38,526 euros.

In comparison, the median annual salary for a CEO is 425,453 euros (approximately 13 times more than a worker). With bonuses, we get to 665,244 euros (17 times more). With variable remuneration the total climbs to 750,313 euros, or about 16 times more than the lowest-paid worker.

Wouter Beuckels, the Manager of Hudson flags up that this pay gap, however, remains smaller than in neighbouring countries. He explained, “In Great Britain, this difference is two or even three times greater. In the United States, the gap can even be some ten times greater than in Belgium.” On the contrary, the difference between the functions of the highest and lowest paid employees are significantly less important in Scandinavia.

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