Marcolini will open ten new stores thanks to the equity loan

The Belgian master chocolatier Marcolini will open ten new wholly owned outlets across the world, among which two at the Brussels Airport and a first store in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, could be read Saturday in L’Echo.

These will come in addition to the already existing twenty. The enterprise will finance this operation through an equity loan. For this purpose, it sealed off within 48 hours the raising of one million euros capital from more than 300 investors.

Marcolini will thus soon operate some 30 wholly owned outlets across the world, of which the current 20 were until now located in Belgium (13), France (4) and Great Britain (3).

The new stores will be in France, Italy and Spain. But also, in Dubai by the end of the year.

The group is also present in China, with four stores being operated in partnership with a local actor, but also in Japan via a permit granted to a local third party.

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