Neither a toll nor the RER will reduce Brussels congestion

Even with the RER, and with a toll system, the transport system will not improve in Brussels.

This is revealed by tests carried out by the research unit Stratec (part of which has the remit for transport research) on behalf of Brussels Transport. This report was relayed by L’Echo on Saturday.

Stratec concludes that Brussels congestion will only increase over the next few years, even if significant steps are taken.

“The predictions mention a population growth, in the Brussels RER zone, of the order of 10%. Economic activity in the capital is also increasing. The estimates mention an increase of 8% in the volume of jobs by 2040. The Chief Executive Officer of Stratec, Louis Duvigneaud, explains that these two components will increase overall movements across the city and therefore the number of cars driving on the Herrmann-Debroux viaduct, and on the entire Brussels Ring (the main ring road). This is already saturated now.”

The tests produced by Stratec are based upon an extreme scenario with the implementation of tough steps. Mr Duvigneaud analyses, “If we wish to improve the transport problem, we must go further still than these measures. We should have an ambitious policy, with the proactive will to implement it.”

He says, “Previous studies clearly showed that the most efficient means to act, in the transport sphere, are policies which affect drivers’ wallets and by reducing accessibility to the city. In recent years, by reducing the number of traffic lanes, by reserving them for buses and other schemes, we have primarily played on the second solution. We must indeed acknowledge this.”

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