Belgium is “fully prepared” to live without the Russian gas (for a while)

Russia has suspended gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. What is the impact on our country? According to Energy minister Tinne Van Der Straeten (Green), Belgium is “fully prepared”.

Our country, too, will feel the effects of Putin’s threat, while our energy prices are already at record highs. For the time being, according to Van Der Straeten’s cabinet, there is no impact on the Belgian supply of natural gas. Belgium is a hub for the European Union’s gas supply, but has a very small share of Russian gas for its own consumption (6 percent). In addition, the port of Zeebrugge is an asset, with more than sufficient capacities to import LNG gas from other countries.

There are currently no plans to announce the ‘Early Warning’ phase of the National Emergency Plan for natural gas in Belgium, says the minister.

”The situation is serious, but Belgium is fully prepared, ” said Minister Van der Straeten. “This sad escalation of Russia shows once again how Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels is being used as a weapon. Fossil fuel prices are rising again. High prices that put pressure on Belgian families, companies and our industry. Accelerating the energy transition is essential now more than ever.”

Both Poland and Bulgaria have not received Russian gas since 8 a.m. This Morning. The Russian state gas company Gazprom announced this to both Eastern European countries last night. Ukraine speaks of blackmail and an attempt to ” divide our allies.” Meanwhile, gas prices are skyrocketing.

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