Head of OCAM argues for database expansion

Paul Van Tigchelt, who heads up the Organ for Coordinating Threat Analysis (known as OCAM), is continuing to request a so-called crossroads databank.

This would allow it to access partner service databanks. This came out of a debate on respect for privacy organised by the media organisation, De Correspondent, yesterday (Wednesday) in Ghent.

For now, OCAM has a database which is fed by partner services.

By way of an example, M. Van Tigchelt explained a typical case thus, “An inspector’s report will usually be sent to the federal police, who then do further analysis. Lastly the file will be sent to OCAM where some 14 individuals will then encode it within a database.” He concluded, “This is in no way efficient in the 21st century.”

The Head of OCAM has thus, once again, argued for a so-called crossroads databank, which may well make it possible for the organisation’s services to directly access information and service partner databases.

He asserts, “At present we are taking the risk that significant reports are overlooked and that errors occur. However, I have been informed that my proposal is technically feasible.”

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