Commission calls for experts to advise on the implementation of the EU Missions

The Commission has launched a call for experts to join the five Mission Boards who will advise on the implementation of the EU Missions.

The Missions aim to deliver solutions to key global challenges by 2030: Adaptation to Climate Change, Cancer, Restore our Ocean and Waters, Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and A Soil Deal for Europe. Each Board will consist of up to 15 independent high-level experts with diverse profiles, such as from business, public administration, science, culture, citizen engagement, and civil society organisations, from across Europe and beyond. Building on the work of the first Mission Boards who were in charge until December 2021, the main tasks of the new ones will be to raise awareness among citizens and to advise on the actions of each of the Missions´ implementation plans. Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said: “This call for new Mission Boards members is the opportunity to take on new skills and bring together top experts to support the Missions. They will help inspire citizens and advise on the implementation plans.

Together we will make our Missions a success.” Missions are a novelty of Horizon Europe and also an original concept in EU policy, bringing together several Commission services under the authority of nine College members. They provide a mandate to achieve specific goals in health, climate and the environment, in a set timeframe.

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