Salah Abdeslam loses Belgian resident permit due to long absence

French anti-terror
Salah Abdeslam, only known survivor belonging to the commando of the Paris attacks in November 2015, no longer has a permit to reside in the country because of a long absence.
The announcement was made by the State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, according the La Dernière heure daily, in its Tuesday edition.

At the end of June, the College of Mayors and Aldermen of Molenbeek had already eliminated Mr. Abdeslam from the community registry. The federal administration had also withdrawn the resident permit that he possessed as a French national.

“Good news! My administration has withdrawn the resident permit of French terrorist Salah Abdeslam,” Mr. Francken was happy to post on his Facebook page. When asked regarding the matter by web users, Francken made the point that it is not possible to take away the resident permit of a foreigner born in Belgium, but that a bill of law is being prepared on the matter. For him, it is a question of being “creative”. The bill is expected for the beginning of next year.

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