Brussels candidate to host two European agencies currently based in London

Brussels is one of the candidate cities to host the two European agencies currently based in London.

The European Medicines Agency and The European Banking Authority are currently based in London and Brussels is one of the suggestions for their respective relocations following Brexit, according to an announcement on the European Council’s website.

Eight cities are offering to host the European Banking Authority. Besides Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxemburg, Dublin, Paris, Prague, Vienna and Warsaw are under consideration.

Dublin, Vienna, Warsaw and Brussels have also offered to host the European Medicines Agency. Eleven other European cities are also candidates. Amongst them with a strong chance to be selected we find most notably, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athenes, Bucarest and Milan.

All candidate cities will now be evaluated and a decision will take place on 30 September by the European Commission. The decision is based on criterions, such as accessibility in terms of public transport, the possibility for the spouses and children of the staff to find work or school education and of course a guarantee that the two agencies activities will be maintained and deliver good service.

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