Seven out of ten Belgian employees want to compose their own salary packages

Seven out of 10 Belgian employees (71%) would like to compose their salary packages according to their own needs.

Employees want more flexibility, especially with regard to company cars, extra-legal holidays and bonuses according to a study by Securex, a human resources specialist.

Employees mostly want to make more personal choices about their bonuses (39%), extra-legal holidays (41%) and company cars (41%). Half of them say they are willing to exchange their company cars for a lower grade car.

“The strong demand for flexible wage packages is not surprising in itself”, said Hermina Van Coillie, HR Research Expert at Securex. “The needs of employees change dramatically over time and employees under the age of 50 attach particular importance to the personalisation of their remuneration.”

“Many employers are open to requests from their employees and offer them a ‘cafeteria plan’ (a package) as a form of flexible remuneration. Today, one in six employees is free to compose their salary package. Opportunities are offered to both public and private sector employees”, Securex said.

As part of this survey, Securex surveyed 1,522 salaried employees in the spring of 2017.

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