Somebody kills elderly people with deadly insulin injections

There is no question: a new insulin murder in Belgium commited in . Earlier today, the Flemish government reported that someone may have been killed with an overdose of insulin in the Belgian city of Limburg, after people were murdered in the same way in two other retirement homes in the country.

The Belgian public prosecutor’s Office announced earlier this month that it was investigating possible insulin murders and attempts to do so in institutions in Oostrozebeke and Hasselt.

In the first house, three residents died. Five others survived, as did the victim in Hasselt.

The incidents in the home in the West Flemish town of Oostrozebeke are said to have taken place in 2020, but have still not been resolved. The incident in Limburg Hasselt dates back to May this year.

Flemish Health Minister Hilde Crevits said today that a third nursing home may have injected someone with an overdose of insulin, while that drug was not prescribed to that resident at all. “That person died later.”

Justice now says that there were indeed indications that insulin was at play, but that later turned out not to be the case. The OM does not suspect evil intent.

Earlier today, Crevits also spoke about another situation being investigated by Justice in Belgium. The inspection is said to have found a “serious incident” on a visit to an institution that had not been reported. That now seems to be a fatal fall, an accident.

In the Netherlands, a former student nurse is serving a twenty-year prison sentence for murdering a number of nursing home residents with insulin. Of his total eleven victims, five died.

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