Nine hundred applications already presented for artisan status

Since last June 1st and the creation of the condition of recognized artisan, 900 requests have been presented before the Ministry of Middle Classes.
Out of these, 201 have already been accepted, announced Wednesday the cabinet of the Minister in charge, Willy Borsus.

Since last June 1st, it is possible to obtain this status from the Ministry of Middle Classes, after satisfying certain precise criteria regarding quality and authenticity. The aim of this condition is to identify true artisan work and to promote artisan activities.

With this objective in mind, an artisan day and an internet site will soon be established. “With this legal definition, artisans finally see their know-how recognized and protected. The establishment of a legal definition of artisan implies recognizing their talent, valuing and protecting their work. They now have in their hands the advantage of being known, recognized and protected,” argues Mr. Borsus.

Out of the 900 files presented, the “Artisans” Commission has already officially approved 201 artisans. Four hundred and fifty applications await a decision; the Commission has two months to make its decision known. And slightly over 200 applications were rejected, “often because the file was incomplete and will be presented anew by the artisan,” explained the cabinet.

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