Only 6.5% of rejected asylum seekers in Belgium return to their countries of origin

Only 6.5% of rejected asylum seekers in Belgium returned to their countries of origin, it emerged from a study conducted by the Dutch authorities based on Eurostat’s figures and reported by the Flemish press on Wednesday.

The study focused on the period 2013-2017 and concentrated on the most represented counties in terms of asylum seekers: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Eritrea.

Only 6.5% of these unsuccessful asylum seekers returned to their country of origin, according to the study. This percentage was clearly higher in Norway (25%), the United Kingdom (19.4%) and the Netherlands (18.2%) as a result of the aggressive measures in place there (prohibition of work, little possibility of finding accommodation, and so on).

These countries also maintained good diplomatic relations with the seekers’ countries of origin. The Dutch paid for their return flights and provided money for their resettlement once back home.

Germany (3.5%) presented a completely different picture since refugees were given accommodation there and were able to work and study while receiving an allowance.

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