Europeans feel threatened by rise of populism

Close to 43% Europeans believe that the rise of populist parties threatens the functioning of the European Union, according to YouGov survey conducted for the Leading European Newspaper Alliance (LENA).

The survey results were published today, less than two weeks before the European elections. This strong majority is exactly the same if you only consider Belgium.

Respondents in Germany (56%) and Sweden (48%) are the most anxious. Unlike Hungary (33%) and Italy (36%).

According to the survey, half of voting age Europeans (49%) consider the 26 May elections to be crucial for the EU’s future. 61% of respondents also believe it is a good thing that their country is a member of the EU. In addition, 68% of Europeans (64% of Belgians) believe the EU will still exist in ten years.

Respondents name non-European immigration, climate and peace/security as priorities to be addressed at the European level rather than at the national level.

The survey was conducted in eight EU countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland, to which were added Sweden and Hungary): some 320 million European citizens, 62% of the EU population.

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