Public enquiry for Léopold II tunnel renovation under way

The public enquiry for the renovation and the environmental licence in respect of the Léopold II tunnel was started yesterday (Tuesday) by Pascal Smet’s office.

Smet is the Brussels Minister for Transport and Public Works. The public enquiry will take place through to March 23rd. The works are scheduled to begin in 2018.

Being 2.5 km long, the Léopold II tunnel is the longest in the region. The tunnel’s damaged concrete, the ventilation, the lighting and the road signs all need to be replaced, as well as making the tunnel watertight again.

To ensure the tunnel meets European Security standards, 17 additional emergency exits will be created. These works necessitate licences in the communes of Ganshoren, Koekelberg, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and also from Brussels City Council. These licences will be subject to discussion at the public enquiry.

The Consultation Committee meeting is scheduled to take place in the weeks to come.

The renovation project for the Léopold II tunnel was started in July of last year. A number of consortia are currently preparing their tenders for submission.

The region is intending to conclude a DBM (Design-Build-Maintain) contract with the consortium group which is eventually chosen for the project.

Maintenance for at least 25 years following completion of the renovation works is also anticipated.

Throughout the duration of the works, the government has decided that the tunnel will be closed solely in the night, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 p.m., both during the week and the summer months.

There is one exception. The nature of the renovation works to the roadway will entail complete 24-hour closure of the tunnel, during the period when the chosen consortium completes this part of the project.

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