Belgium bets on green hydrogen, following the German choice

The Flemish University of Applied Sciences VIVES will open a new hydrogen Research Center on the Kortrijk campus tomorrow, April 28. The opening is part of the Hydrogen Technology Event, the first hydrogen event in Flanders organized by VIVES and KU Leuven.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier plays a crucial role in the energy transition. In industries but also in mobility. In order to achieve the set climate goals, it is necessary to accelerate. Through the Hydrogen Technology Event, this knowledge is bundled in a well-filled program through key notes and various workshops and demonstrations.

Federal Minister of energy Tinne Van der Straeten will attend the opening and then give a presentation on the Belgian ambitions and assets to accelerate the breakthrough of green hydrogen in Belgium.

“Green hydrogen is no longer a distant dream, but a near reality. In those sectors and industries where electrification is not an option, green hydrogen helps us achieve climate goals. The global breakthrough will cause major geopolitical changes, as hydrogen can be produced anywhere in the world. Thanks to hydrogen, we can choose which countries we do business with. A step in the right direction to take energy back into our own hands,” said minister Tinne Van der Straeten.

The hydrogen Research Centre at Vives University of Applied Sciences brings the technology closer to the companies. From green hydrogen production with solar panels and electrolysis to internal combustion engines and hydrogen gas fuel cells, VIVES has brought all these technologies together in a research center.
Together with KU Leuven, various projects are already underway to disseminate knowledge about these technologies to companies and also to students through seminars and hands-on material. The acquired knowledge is integrated into the curricula by both institutions, so that the graduates can work directly with this knowledge.

At the Hydrogen Technology Event, companies can discover the possibilities of hydrogen and take the first steps in the hydrogen economy by means of various workshops with experts and leading companies. Filling stations, heating boilers, electrolysers, combustion engines, hydrogen in shipping, regulations … all facets are covered. In total, there will be 14 workshops by hydrogen experts and researchers for the general public.

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