Assassination of Wingene château owner: Pierre Serry applies for release

The Defence lawyers for Pierre Serry, who is suspected of having acted as an intermediary in the assassination of Stijn Saelens, have requested the release of their client.

This has been confirmed by the barrister Kris Vincke. This morning the criminal court have been considering this request.

Stijn Saelens was found dead in his château on January 31st, 2012, in Wingene (East Flanders). His father-in-law, André Gyselbrecht, is suspected of having ordered the killing. The doctor admitted that he wished to “teach his son-in-law a lesson”, but denies wanting to kill him.

The victim’s body was found two weeks later close to a chalet belonging to Pierre Serry in Maria-Aalter. The suspect has remained silent for several years, before finally confessing that the objective of this punitive expedition was to end Mr Saelens’s life.

The trial started on March 9th and will resume on May 2nd with the hearing of the evidence in the case. The court’s judgement is expected in the second half of the year. Pierre Serry has now been on remand pending trial for five years.

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