Young job seekers will be able to get their driving licence in 30 days

Young job seekers who need a driving licence to get a job will no longer have to wait three months to register for their driving test, Mobility Minister Carlo Di Antonio told the Sudpresse papers on Saturday.

This new quicker route to a driving licence will require 30 hours of lessons at an authorised driving school.

Young people will be able “to get a driving licence in 30 days as long as they are 18, have done 30 hours of lessons at a driving school and passed the theory and risk perception tests before the practical exam”, says Carlo Di Antonio, the Walloon Mobility and Public Works Minister. They can only use this quicker route if they have to have a licence to get a job.

This new setup has some serious advantages over the current one, which requires 20 hours (on average between 950 and 1,150 euros depending on the establishment) at a driving school to be able to drive alone. Once they have their licence, the driver can drive weekend nights (Friday included) and bank holidays nights and the night before that. They can also take passengers.

“They are still a few things to be sorted out, especially with neighbouring regions. The bill still has to be finalised”, says the Walloon Minister.

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