Brexit – a poll shows the majority of British people want to remain in the EU

Brexit is becoming less and less popular in the UK.

According to a new poll, more than half of British people would prefer to remain in the EU rather than leave at the end of March 2019. 51% of the people who took part in the poll are against Brexit, with barely 41% in favour of it. This is according to a study by the BMG Institute, which was published in The Independent on Saturday.

This 10% difference in the amount of people for and against Brexit is the biggest since the June 2016 referendum. At the time, 52% voted in favour of Brexit.

7% of those asked were not able to answer when asked if the UK should remain in the EU. 1% did not answer the question at all.

1,400 people took part in the study. The Institute says the large difference in the amount of people for and against Brexit can be explained by the high number of people that did not take part in last year’s referendum. Those that abstained last year are mostly in favour of staying in the EU. Nearly everyone (90%) that voted last year would vote the same way today.

Theresa May got the green light to begin the second phase of Brexit negotiations from the leaders of the other 27 EU countries on Friday. This phase will deal with a transition agreement and future trade relations between the two parties.

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