The Vilvorde mayor wants to see Charles Michel take over decisions on aircraft noise pollution in Brussels

The mayor of Vilvorde, Hans Bonte, called on Prime Minister Charles Michel to take over decisions on flying over Brussels on Saturday.
This is because of Minister Bellot’s perceived inaction on the subject.

“Prime Minister Charles Michel would do better to take it over and prove that the federal government cares about employment at the airport. The more we push decisions back to nearer local elections, the less likely we are to find a realistic compromise”, Mr Bonte said in a press release.

The official is not happy that the political note drawn up by the Federal Mobility Minister does not mention the plan to disperse flights above the capital. He thinks that no plan will be in place by 2017.

“That is especially surprising considering last year, on the 6th October 2015, Minister Bellot’s predecessor Jacqueline Galant announced a plan for the end of 2015. This was during a visit to Vilvorde”, the mayor said.

He also said that he didn’t understand the Flemish government and Parliament’s inaction when faced with the Brussels government’s attitude. The government wants to strictly apply noise level limits from the 1st January, and fine Airlines that don’t stick to them.

He thinks Flanders should apply the conflict of interest procedure in this case.

The Saturday morning press revealed the Brussels Airport boss, Arnaud Feist, thinks these Brussels government fines would “slowly kill the Airport”.

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