Transatlantic free trade agreements: Belgium not to sign CETA without Wallonia’s agreement

Belgium can neither legally or constitutionally sign the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA) without Wallonia’s agreement.

Prime Minister Charles Michel, indicated this to the Chamber of Representative yesterday (Monday).

He was questioned on this during the debate on general government policy by the chief of the group PS Laurette Onkelinx, whilst her counterpart from the, Open Vld, Patrick Dewael had called for the potential opposition of the Walloon region, so as to avoid blocking this agreement between the EU and Canada.

Mr Michel yesterday described a “very serious situation” with “a given entity in the process of blocking the agreement which is beeing negotiated.”

“I have received several expressions of concern from individuals in European countries and Canada, from all political families,” the Prime Minister further said, stating that the Walloon government is pretty much the only one not to have given its support.

Ms Onkelinx retaliated that the opposition to the agreement was much broader coming from the midddle classes, agricultural circles and associations.

Oscar Schneider

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