Youthful employment on the rise

The absorbtion of young, first-time job seekers into the labour market in Wallonia increased in 2016 for the third consecutive year, jumping to 58.2% last year, from 56.9% in 2015 and 54.4% in 2014.

This was one of the results of a study on young people’s inclusion in the job market in the first six months after they register to be employed. The study was conducted by Forem, Wallonia’s public employment agency, among 22,000 respondents aged 18 to 24 years who registered with the agency between June and October 2016.

People with the Baccalauréat (advanced secondary education) certificate scored the highest where obtaining jobs was concerned – 77% – followed by those with apprenticeship contracts (65%) and graduates with Masters’ degrees (59%).

The sectors that employed the most first-time jobseekers – in volume and proportion – were: commerce, hotels and restaurants; specialized scientific and technical activities; and administrative and support services, Forem reported.

Interim work was the type of employment most open to young school leavers. “The increase in the rate of employment at six months underscores the reduction in the rate of job applications among people under the age of 25, which began in the second half of 2013 and has been confirmed since then,” noted Forem.

The agency attributed this situation to the combined effect of stimulus arrangements, a favourable economic climate since 2014, and the resumption of interim activity.

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