EU Commission prepares for no-deal Brexit

The European Commission has begun taking measures to plan for the departure by the United Kingdom from the European Union with no formal agreement, the so-called No-Deal Brexit, according to La Libre.
The date set by law for the British departure is now fewer than 100 days away, while the British parliament remains seriously divided over the arrangement negotiated by prime minister Theresa May and agreed by the remaining 27 member states last month.

The Commission identified several sectors which would suffer immediately from the departure of the UK with no agreed deal: financial service, air transport, customs and political affairs.

“The best thing, from an economic point of view and in order to avoid disruption, would be to remain in the EU,” said commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis (photo). But in light of the reality of the departure, he stressed the importance of “minimising the damage” should no deal be forthcoming.

In London, despite the failure of a vote of no confidence in May’s leadership,there remain deep divisions over the conditions of Britain’s exit from the EU. Unless those divisions are somehow repaired, or the article governing the departure is suspended, the UK will leave the EU in March without any replacement agreement – the so-called No Deal Brexit.

The measures proposed by commissioner Dombrovskis include an extension of 12 months of existing conditions for the financial sector based in London and operating in Europe. Also, a basic condition for air traffic on EU airspace, but less than the conditions existing at present.

Finally, the remaining 27 member states are called upon to maintain and implement existing rules on customs, which affect an island nation like the UK deeply. In the event of a no-deal, Britain faces problems with the import of essential goods such as pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

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