Annalena Baerbock visits Kyiv, grants 40 armored vehicles

The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock, has praised the political reforms being implemented in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government hopes to eventually become a member of the European Union. This intention is likely to be further discussed during Baerbock’s visit, her fourth since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

The minister traveled from Poland to Kyiv by train for the unannounced visit. Baerbock stated that her country wants to assist Ukrainians in implementing necessary reforms and meeting EU standards. She mentioned in a statement that significant progress has already been made in reforming the rule of law and implementing media legislation. Baerbock emphasized that there are still steps to be taken in other areas, such as tackling corruption.

Baerbock also expressed her disapproval of the Russian practice of transferring children from occupied areas to its own territory. She stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing everything to break the Ukrainians. “We support the organizations, Ukrainian authorities, and NGOs working to bring the abducted children back home,” the minister said. “Putin can take a first step toward peace by releasing these children.”

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