FC Brugge: head-to-head with Patro Eisden

The Round of 32 in the Belgian Croky Cup brings Club Brugge head-to-head with Patro Eisden. Find out all there is to know on our Cup campaign and on our opponent here!

The away game at Patro Eisden comes with a long drive, as Club will be heading for Eastern Limburg to compete in the Cup Round of 32. The teams will be meeting of the third time in the Cup. Early August, the team also sparred with Club Brugge in the run-up to the new season, Cisse Sandra and Cyle Larin taking care of both Club goals in a 2-0 win.

Back in 2015, Club Brugge also made its way to the Gemeentelijk Sport Stadium in Eisden. A Vanaken brace, and goals by Thomas Meunier and Jelle Vossen made it 0-4 on the night.

The player at Club with the most Cup experience is Denis Odoi (30 games, two of them with Club). Ruud Vormer (29), Brandon Mechele (28), Hans Vanaken (28) and Clinton Mata (27) all surpassed the 25 Cup games mark in their carreer.

The stadium was the stage for Hans Vanaken’s first two goals in Club attire. Seven years down the road, he has scored 106 for Club Brugge, won the league five times and claimed two Golden Boots.

No other than former Club goalie Stijn Stijnen currently holds the reigns at Patro. His time at Club lasted for eleven years, and earned him 30 calls for the national team. Having concluded his career at Beerschot AC, he joined his former team Sporting Hasselt, helping the team from a financial demise, in a function as president, sportive director and coach. In 2018, Stijnen headed for greener pastures at Patro Eisden.

Patro has been in fine form of late. Not only did it survive three Cup ties, resulting in an encounter with Club Brugge, it also excels in the home league, holding third place with just 2 points behind leaders RAAL La Louvière. The team is yet to suffer defeat at its own Sport Stadium. With 7 goals each, Roman Ferber and Elisha Sam share the club top scorer’s title.

In goalie Justin Verlinden, defenders Jordan Renson and Niels Verburgh, midfielder Moreno Broggio and forward Livio Milts, the club has several players with a past at the Club Brugge youth ranks.

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