Outdoor swimming pool in Brussels: “when, when, when?”

People passing by Brussels North station were surprised last week as supporters of the outdoor pool in the Belgian and Flemish capital decided to turn the fountain outside the North station into a pool for the day.

Pool is Cool is the organisation that for years now has been pressing for Brussels to get its own open air swimming pool. It regularly courts publicity in order to argue its case and last week’s open air pool at the North Station was no exception. The swimming pool had a beach, deck chairs and cocktails were served too!

Pool is Cool says that open air swimming is possible in all European capitals bar one, Brussels! Backers add that it’s a vacuum that needs to be filled as it clips the wings of anybody experiencing the joys of Brussels. “In Berlin (Germany) there are several open air swimming pools. Even Zurich in Switzerland has one as this is a city that revolves around water” says Paul Steinbruck of Pool is Cool.

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